The benefits of sustainable business

It’s good for the world
You’re a business leader, you have power, and the world looks to you to look after it.
External effects become internal impacts
Regulatory and market effects are increasingly bringing external effects onto companies’ balance sheets; it pays to get ahead of these changes.
Your customers and stakeholders want you to
Consumers and investors alike are expressing their desire to see positive change from companies.
The gap between what markets value and what society values is closing.
Financial markets and investors are increasingly focused on the fact that risks and opportunities linked to sustainability are tangible and can have a significant impact on business performance.
For many business leaders sustainability, or a more balanced perspective on stakeholder value, is a management mantra that is overtaking the singular focus on maximisation of shareholder value. Delivering on the new mantra can present challenging trade-offs, in particular for resource allocation. However, if used effectively, Value2Society™ can help leaders make trade-offs in a more objective manner as they seek to pursue becoming a more valued and valuable company.

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